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Progress Through Relationships

Private Credit

In a dynamic and fast-changing environment, having access to capital can prove crucial.

We have strong experience working with esoteric assets and small to medium-size businesses to help bridge the working capital gap and enable promising companies to grow opportunistically and organically.

We aim to provide stable good quality capital. We form dependable and strategic relationships with companies that choose us as a partner in their journey to success. 

Our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of your business.

Credit Assessment
Sustainable Energy

Renewable Financing

There have been accelerating Investments into Renewable Energy projects globally to transition away from fossil fuels and consequently, reduce the carbon footprint. At NYCA we aim to participate in this important initiative. 

We leverage our deep expertise in the field of Energy and Renewables to help firms in this sector by providing them with access to high-quality capital.

Structured Solutions

Structured credit products are securities that are created by pooling similar obligations such as loans, mortgages, and other financial contracts.

At NYCA we specialize in the creation of structured credit products, that can provide our clients with efficient capital, by actively utilizing dormant or underutilized assets already present on their balance sheets. Such products can also optimize the financial structure of the company, allowing management focus on growth, while elevating the Company's valuation.

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